Add OE Line - Screen Script

This screen script doesn’t make any customizations to the UI but monitors the data sources opened by the screen for changes. When a new detail line is added, the screen adds another line with a fixed item.

Unlike in the view script solution, poplar_oeaddlne.OE0500_oe_add_line, we cannot pass parameters to the screen script so the item mapping is hard coded.

Insert a new OE line following the insert of a line with a particular item.

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author: Chris Binckly
copyright: 2665093 Ontario Inc., 2019

This file is provided under a Creative Commons 4 Sharealike license. See for details.

class poplar_oeaddlne.OE1100_oe_add_line.AddOeLneUI[source]

A UI that monitors the order details and inserts a new line.

This UI class makes no changes to the OE1100 screen, it simply monitors and writes to the Data Sources connected to it.


If the item inserted was ITEM, add a new line.

Return type:None
poplar_oeaddlne.OE1100_oe_add_line.ITEM = 'A1-103/0'

The item number that triggers the new line.

poplar_oeaddlne.OE1100_oe_add_line.NEW_ITEM_LINETYPE = 1

The item line type to insert.

poplar_oeaddlne.OE1100_oe_add_line.NEW_ITEM_NUM = 'A1-105/0'

The item number to insert.

poplar_oeaddlne.OE1100_oe_add_line.NEW_ITEM_QTY = 10

The item quantity to insert.


Executed by VI when the screen is loaded. Create our UI.